1. “Put Yourself in Her Shoes Bro” #TweetTap

    Printed 3D Gun Fired and Amanda Berry… stay wired http://www.waywire.com

  3. Boston: The Aftermath #TweetTap

    All coverage at http://www.waywire.com

  4. Danger Zone #TweetTap

    Nope, not the Kenny Loggins Song. Today’s TweetTap is all about natural and manmade disasters to remind us to head over to Get Ready Room and get prepared!

  5. It’s Time to Dance in the Desert #TweetTap 

    Coachella is upon us. Let’s rage. Stay wired: http://www.waywire.com

  6. Dinosaur Wiggle #TweetTap

    Weiner returns to the limelight and Django gets chained up. Wire on http://www.waywire.com!

  7. Today’s special episode features our favorite youngeons on Twitter. Wire on little ones: http://www.waywire.com

  8. Louisville Snatches NCAA Title #TweetTap

  9. H/T Roger Ebert #TweetTap

    Facebook launches Home and beloved film critic Roger Ebert passes away. Stay wired at http://www.waywire.com

  10. Sloppy Famous People #TweetTap

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  11. Yu Darvish is awesome! #TweetTap

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  12. Use Short Sentences #TweetTap

    Writers need to compete for top accolades on the twittersphere - here are some of our favorite ones. Stay wired! http://www.waywire.com

  13. It’s Hard to Focus Today #TweetTap 

    ADHD is becoming too popular, March Madness and Happy April Fool’s day! Stay wired http://www.waywire.com

  14. #SCOTUS Let’s Get Gay Married #TweetTap 

    Today’s episode is all about SCOTUS taking up 2 cases that will define marriage equality in the United States. More at http://www.waywire.com

  15. Justin Timberlake #TweetTap

    Mike Falzone and Coffee Girl love JT. Do you? Stay wired: http://www.waywire.com!